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Luca & Friends is the first educational app for kids using AI technology to combine learning and fitness

[ad_1] The app gets kids moving with fun and immersive educational games covering English and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics Press release – updated: February 8, 2022 SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3, 2022 ( – The World Health Organization recommends 60 minutes of exercise a day, but 76% of American children do not meet […]

Educational app

Educational AI app gets kids moving

[ad_1] A recently launched app uses artificial intelligence and educational games to inspire children to exercise. Lucas and his friends is designed for ages 4-8 and offers an interactive learning experience in which players play games by moving to select the correct answers. Using basic moves and following simple instructions, players can stretch or jump […]

Educational app

Next-generation educational app HOLO12 elevates biology learning to extraordinary levels through immersive learning based on augmented reality

[ad_1] The HOLO12 app redefines the conventional online learning industry with immersive learning content based on augmented reality. DUBLIN, IRELAND, November 23, 2021 / – A new educational app is set to revolutionize online learning with a cutting-edge immersive experience based on AR technology. Entitled “HOLO12”, the application is specially designed to allow learners to […]

Educational app

This cost-effective educational app redefines e-learning in the current health crisis and is in line with the draft National Education Policy

[ad_1] As we continue to be confined to our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students face the added pressure of taking a new online learning medium to study while simultaneously focusing on academic performance during this. transition. With little or no social interaction with friends or engaging in outdoor activities, online learning can be […]

Educational app

Nahdet Misr develops AI-based educational app ‘Al Adwaa’

[ad_1] Nahdet Misr Publishing House will launch intelligent application based on artificial intelligence (AI) for educational series “Al Adwaa “, 53 years after its first launch in paper form. The book’s move to a digital platform is to keep pace with Egypt’s recent emphasis on digital transformation and the integration of a digitized approach to […]

Educational app

Sindh government launched educational app amid COVID-19 pandemic

[ad_1] Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani announced last week that the provincial government was ready to launch an educational app that would be successful for students studying between Kindergarten and Grade 5. At the press conference, the Minister of Education of Sindh said, “The app can be downloaded on Android devices. Through the app, students […]

Educational course

Launch of a new online educational course

[ad_1] The Duomo Initiative has launched a new online educational course, produced in collaboration with Alfred Mifsud. The course, entitled ‘The euro: history, problems and solutions’, is open-access and will teach participants the practical aspects of monetary policy, fiscal policy and politics in the EU and the European Union. European Monetary Union. “The topics covered […]