Bank Loan: How to get a credit?

In situation of banking ban following a check refused? Discover here what to know.

Bank forbidden


Being banned is a scary word. To become a banking prohibition, it suffices that your bank rejects a check you have issued without funds. As a result, you become banned from banking and you are unable to issue new checks.

It is therefore the bank that makes the decision to categorize a banned consumer bank and reports its decision to the FCC (Central File Checks). Held by the Bank of France, the FCC lists all banking prohibitions. This prohibition is general and obviously applies to all accounts, even those opened in another bank.

It also applies to co-owners in case of joint account, except those who have previously designated only one of the two holders as responsible in case of incident. When the bank makes such a decision against a person, the latter is immediately notified by mail.

What are the consequences ?


Except in case of regularization, the banking ban is recorded in the Central Check File for five years. The direct consequence of the banking ban is the non-issuance of new checks. Bank bans are forced to return all the checkbooks they have. Sometimes this also leads to a ban on overdraft.

How to obtain a consumer credit in these conditions?

How to obtain a consumer credit in these conditions?

Obviously, this situation does not favor the contraction of a consumer credit. It is however advisable to go around the banks and discuss with them the situation. Some may be more understanding. Applying to a broker can also provide a consumer credit without wasting time. This professional in the banking sector knows the system perfectly and will maximize your chances of getting credit in the best conditions.

Bank loan for homeowners

Bank loan for homeowners

If the banking prohibition is fortunate to be owner, it will be easier to obtain a personal loan, provided that the housing is put in bail of the loan. A solution of last resort, which should only be considered as a last resort. Indeed, in case of difficulty to repay the loan, the property of the borrower can be seized.

Bank loan for tenants

For tenants, the situation is more complex. However, the financial institution may offer a buyout of personal loans with additional cash. This type of credit allows the borrower to obtain a supplementary amount to repay outstanding credits or finance a project. As a general rule, it is not the bank but a specialized credit buy-back organization that will manage the file.

Social micro-credit


Lastly, the last resort for the most destitute who find themselves in the impasse, to appeal to an association that offers micro-creditsocial. Among these, the local mission, the CAF or the Red Cross agree to lend money to people without resources. The Red Cross benefits each year from a small budget loan for the poor. To set up a file, contact the local Red Cross or a social worker. Establishments that prove that hope is allowed, even for the most in need.